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9 Tips to Help Prevent Neck and Back Pain

During your daily routine, you may begin to notice acute back or neck pain. Is this just a reality you have to accept, or is there something you can do about back and neck pain?Neck and back pain are certainly common symptoms and pervasive. In 2018 alone, 18% of...

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What is Occupational Therapy?

The Purpose of Occupational TherapyThe overarching goal of any type of therapy is to make life easier in some way. Be it chronic pain or recovery from an injury, the work of a therapist, in general, is to help you lead the life you want with as much freedom from...

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Dealing with Anxiety in 2021

Coronavirus is ever-present, a cloud hovering over all of us, and the damage it’s done to our collective mental health is profound. The headline of a just released report from the American Psychological Association (APA) points to that fact and reads: "U.S. Adults...

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Listening to Music to Control Chronic Pain

Music has the power to move us. Envelope us in a hug of auditory warmth that can transport us far from where we are and from whatever we’re feeling, both emotionally and physically. Whether you’d call yourself a music buff or not, there are certain songs that each of...

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