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Listening to Music to Control Chronic Pain

Music has the power to move us. Envelope us in a hug of auditory warmth that can transport us far from where we are and from whatever we’re feeling, both emotionally and physically. Whether you’d call yourself a music buff or not, there are certain songs that each of...

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Shifting to Telehealth

By Susan Chamberlain, Project Manager/Privacy Officer, Pacific Rehabilitation Centers, Bellevue, WAOriginally published in the CARF International Medical Rehab Connection, December 2020.Pacific Rehabilitation Centers has been providing CARF-accredited...

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Chronic Pain Medications: Dangers and Alternatives

Chronic pain is an unfortunate reality that affects all too many people, and finding respite and reprieve from it as quickly as possible is often the name of the game. Quite frankly, it’s understandable. Who wants to wait for relief?Therein lies the rub. While pain...

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How to Get Family to Understand Chronic Pain

You can’t see pain. You can’t touch it. Most frustratingly you can’t easily explain chronic pain.But you can feel it.That’s the thing, no matter what happens and no matter how little it’s understood by those closest to you, the pain itself doesn’t go away. This isn’t...

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How I Found a Cure for Struggling

Mindfulness and meditation practices offer us many benefits. One that I’ve recently discovered is the ability to create a time each day that I’m free from expectations or struggling. I’ll explain, but first I have to address the struggle. It is that tension between...

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