Is there a link between Chronic Pain and Depression?

A news story from Minneapolis explores the connection between Chronic Pain and Depression. The CDC says it affects about 21% of adults in the U.S. Doctors say people who have chronic pain are also at higher risk for depression or anxiety. Chronic pain and depression...

Neurodiversity in the Vocational Process

Join us for our webinar presentation on Neurodiversity in the Vocational Process. A discussion on the circumstances that are effecting Neurodivergent individuals and how to help overcome them. Katie McMurray, CDMS, M.Ed. Watch Now!

Post-Concussion Syndrome

 Follow the link below to our recent presentation about Post-Concussion Syndrome. Our speakers cover a wide range of information about the issues that can arise after a concussion. Niriksha Malladi, MD Leah Shepard, SLP Watch the Video Here!
“Explain the Pain” Part One: Hurt vs. Harm

“Explain the Pain” Part One: Hurt vs. Harm

Come join us for the beginning of a new mini-series on pain. “Explain the Pain” Part One: Hurt vs. Harm. Pain is how your body reacts to what is thought to be harmful stimuli or damage to the body. Your brain interprets the message from the nerve signals...